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Six Flags Over Jesus

I stole that title from Garrison Keillor's monologue on The Prairie Home Companion rebroadcast last Saturday. It's the perfect description for this soon-to-be $100 million megachurch.

"The [nondenominational] congregation hopes to entice people who want some kind of spiritual home but who don't identify with a particular denomination and who might avoid a building that looked like a traditional church."

That makes some sense. But these churches are really just big entertainment complexes. What the hell -- oops -- what in God's name happened to their mission to be spiritual sanctuaries? I'm sure they make the argument that they need to get the folks in the door first, and THEN they'll try to sneak in stuff that meets their true spiritual needs. But that's bullshit. If you advertise that you're a Six Flags-type operation, that's what people are going to expect/pay for and that's where you'll focus your resources.